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Sept 30, 2018 – I’m drawn to their intentionality because I like to set goals for myself. I give myself personal challenges, many too minor to discuss. Here are three larger ones, goals you might share:

·  Fitness – I surround myself with better athletes than I am so I’m always running with the swift. I find a guy in my workout group who dusts me in runs, and try to gain ground on him over time. It’s even better when he knows he’s my mark. Then we both push harder.

·  Diet – I try hard here but, mercy, I could use a little more discipline. All too often it comes down to this: If loving doughnuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

·  Faith – The hardest struggle by far and a constant one, not because I have doubts. It’s a hard slog because I’ve come to know that closing the gap between the me that I am and the me that I’m called to be takes everything I’ve got, all day and every day. Better to say my only doubt is self-doubt. I’m sure of the standard I’m running toward, but sometimes I question whether I can close the distance. I certainly cannot on my own.

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