Feb. 2, 2024 – The trailer also appears to imply that Williams is still struggling with drinking after having gone to rehab last June, on top of other possible health issues. “Anyone can tell this is not just alcohol, this is something more,” a loved one says in the trailer.

Almost a year after she left daytime television, Wendy Williams is ready to share her story in a new Lifetime documentary.

The network released a heartbreaking trailer for Where Is Wendy Williams?, per TooFab, that shows Williams struggling with life under her guardianship. The trailer shows her surrounded by her loved ones, including her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her sister, Wanda. 

“I have no money and let me tell you, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you,” Williams says in the trailer. 

The documentary appears to be a vulnerable look into Williams’ life since leaving television and being put under a court-ordered guardianship. Her family expresses concern for her multiple times throughout the trailer, saying that she has been surrounded “by yes people” and could be at risk under her new guardian.

“I feel like the guardian has not done a good job of protecting my mom,” her son comments at one point.