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MAY 26, 2020 – Some people did relapse because they lacked the skills to cope with the unprecedented stressors they we’re facing, he said.

While some vital addiction services were getting cut back, so were the supplies of drugs in the local area, said Larry Smith, director of programs at the Cuyahoga County ADAMHS Board.

It was an uncertain time for everyone so people hunkered down at home. And many drug dealers were not able to get their usual supply, he said.

“Some of the drugs weren’t as available,” Smith said. “And so a portion of alcoholics and addicts just took a pause and they slowed down. And now I think that as people are getting more used to these routines — I hope they don’t pick up, but more folks will be out there doing what they do.”

Things have unfortunately picked up, according to Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson. There has been a stark increase in recent overdoses.



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