Nov. 2022 –  He recently talked to host Joy Sutton on “Addiction Talk” about how he ended up hitting rock bottom and how he managed to get treatment and recovery.

First of all, Weiss explained that he doesn’t like to look at pictures of himself when he was at his lowest. He said, “It’s hard to look at. It’s hard to see those images.” He added, “When I see them, they kind of shock me still.”

You might be wondering how it would be possible for Weiss to be surprised at what he used to look like, but he explained that when he was on drugs, “I was avoiding reflective surfaces so I didn’t know what I looked like. I’m not exaggerating.” He added, “I would go for months at a time without seeing myself.”

Weiss realizes that if it’s hard for him to see how he used to look, it must be hard for others to see him like that as well. He said, “It’s hard to see  myself like that, and I’m really sorry that Ducks fans had to see me like that.”