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Feb. 03, 2020 – As The Pharmacist explicates via familiar non-fiction elements—elevated by both Schneider’s recordings and his alternately impassioned and teary interview commentary—Cleggett was a pioneer in the “pill mill” business, in which shady doctors opened clinics from which they sold prescriptions (for Oxy, Soma, and Xanax, aka “The Holy Trinity”) for cash. It was a legal drug-dealing operation, and the scores of men and women flocking to her establishment—often camping out for days, and paying $100 fees to be seen ahead of others—revealed that she was anything but a moral physician interested in her patients’ welfare. Schneider turned to the DEA, and when he learned that they were on to Cleggett but in no apparent rush to do anything about her, he took matters into his own hands, teaming with the State Board of Medical Examiners to get her license suspended.


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