Do not offer to buy her one drink… –  

Nov. 26, 2020 – How she deals with it is a whole different story – if she hadn’t had that much of a booze-filled night with Alex, she maybe could have pieced the night together. In fact, in the trailer, we hear her clearly say, “I’m a crazy drunk flight attendant, not a killer,” and while we can’t tell if the latter is true, the former sure is.

Dealing with her drinking habit seems to not be her priority though considering she’s still trying to figure out who killed Alex — it’s just ironic that a drunken night filled with drunk sex is what led her to this daunting reality in the first place. The first three episodes of ‘The Flight Attendant’ premiere on HBO Max Thursday, November 26, followed by the launch of two new episodes on December 3, two episodes on December 10, and the finale episode on December 17.



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