Oct. 30, 2023 – Perry and Azaria shared the screen in five episodes of “Friends.” Azaria played David, a scientist who was in an on-and-off relationship with Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay for years.

Azaria then commented on Perry’s impeccable comic sensibilities on and off the screen. 

“He was to me … as funny as he was on ‘Friends’ and he was, and in other things too. In person, he was just the funniest man ever. He just loved to laugh. He was like a genius,” Azaria said. “He would start to weave comedy threads together. Just hanging out. A joke here, a joke here, a joke here, a joke there. And then by the end of the night, he would weave them all together and in this like crescendo of hilarity. Most nights you spent with Matthew you were crying laughing by the end.” 

The “Brockmire” actor touched on how Perry’s struggles with maintaining sobriety were difficult for those around him to process.