All taxes go for free rehabs? –

Oct. 19, 2020 – Transform’s campaign for legalising the three drugs is backed by the former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos. He has publicly stated that only through legalisation can the resources of mafia organisations be taken away. “I am totally in favour of legalising cocaine,” Santos said.

The book proposes that a specialist regulatory agency, overseen by the government, could license production of the drugs.

Only a single adult use dosage of the drugs would be available in unbranded pharma-style plain packaging with highly visible health warnings and risk information. The new regulatory agency would determine prices and there would be a ban on advertising the drugs.

The sale would be managed by a state monopoly to minimise profit incentives, which Transform said would only increase sales. Specialist new pharmacies would open under strict controls with vendors trained to offer health and risk-reduction advice to drug users.

The book’s authors stressed that sales should be limited to over-18s, with only one dose per purchase.



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