Sept. 4, 2021 – “He stayed clean for about nine months then he relapsed, unfortunately,” Smith said. “People said, ‘well, did you try this and did you try that?’ I appreciate what they’re saying but I did. I did everything humanly possible to try to help him.” Prior to a wedding in Chicago, Michael noticed Daniel was high and had to leave him at his grandmother’s.

“He called me in Chicago and said, ‘Dad you got to come home. You got to come home,’ and I said OK, and he said, ‘yeah, but I just I need you right now,” Smith said.

Michael picked up Daniel and told him tomorrow will be a new day. A line he always said to get him through tough times.

“He says, ‘sounds good dad,’ and I say, ‘well here, give me a hug.’ I’d always have him hug me every night,” Smith said.

“He said, ‘dad I don’t feel like it.’ He says, ‘I’ll hug in the morning.’ Ok, I said, ‘are you sure?’ he said yeah,” Smith said. “That’s the last time I saw him.”

Michael says he likes to remember the good times. They would go on a speedboat in Clarklake just to getaway.



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