Know Thyself –

July 1, 2018 – What is it about a good selfie that we find so endearing to our hearts? Thousands of tiny pixels, drawing from a palate of hundreds of different colors, coordinated on a smartphone screen in such a way that makes us laugh or cry, smile or frown, or feel some other emotions. Selfies often tell an untold or underlying story words simply cannot do justice to. They’ve changed the way we view ourselves, the people closest to us and the world around us in real time. Even professional photographers are getting in on the act. This relatively new technology has created a whole new genre of art and photography.

But every now and then you take a selfie and it comes out a bit distorted or blurred. Something just doesn’t seem right in the foreground or background. When you take a closer look at the pixels that make up the image, they appear dull and less defined. It doesn’t happen often. You could have hundreds of perfectly focused images in your phone and just one that is out of focus.

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