Inject This –

Oct. 15, 2020 – More than 100 people in Glasgow are now being prescribed the drug, which is injected once a month, meaning those using it no longer need to visit chemists to pick up methadone prescriptions every day. 

It is hoped this will allow patients to focus on improving their lives and overall health rather than managing their dependence. Scotland, and especially cities such as Glasgow and Dundee, has the worst rate of drug misuse deaths in western Europe.

It is not known how many people died from overdoses in Scotland last year as the figures have been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the figures for 2018 showed almost 1,200 people dying from drug misuse, more than three people every day.

Experts say they think the figures for last year could be even higher. 

In response to the crisis, a pilot programme for Buvidal was launched with 14 patients in Glasgow last year.

It found that more than six months after the trial, all of them remained engaged in recovery.

Jennifer Kelly, a prescribing pharmacist for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s alcohol and drug recovery services, said feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive”.



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