Paging Doctor Pills –

April 30, 2020 – Though I questioned him since I’d had trouble reducing before, he assured me that was the thing to do. I only slept 30 minutes in the next 60 hours. Eventually, I slept one or two hours per night and paced the rest of the time. I also found myself hearing “conversations,” which was my imagination’s interpretation whenever the air conditioning blew through the vents.

I experienced the emergence of hot flashes. I would feel the anxiety build and about the time it peaked, I would break out in a full sweat. The hot flashes were coming like labor pains, about every 10 minutes, all day and all night.

After seven weeks, when the doctor saw how anxious and “busy” I had become—especially when I was pacing rather than sitting for my appointment, he reinstated the Neurontin at 800mg 3x/day. Things did mostly resolve after reinstating, but though less frequent, the hot flashes continued. I noticed that I felt much better after only an hour or two, though the second day I had an upsurge in agitation and some slight burning. It wasn’t bad and I tolerated…


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