March 7, 2023 – Closs has cleaned himself up to become a motivational speaker now, sharing some valuable advice with Morant on avoiding the road he’s headed down. “Brandishing a firearm on an IG Live is the dumbest thing he could do. It’s self-sabotage. He’s lucky that he’s gotten only a 2 game suspension, I lost a whole season. He’s fortunate that it’s only 2 games. Why aren’t these guys learning from the mistakes that we made in the past.” Closs also went in-depth on Morant’s relationship with his father, Tee Morant, and his upbringing.

“He didn’t come up like that and there are so many family photos that prove that he didn’t. He’s got two great parents, supporting parents in his life. His father is in his life. My father was in and out of the penitentiary… I didn’t grow up with my dad in the household to guide me the way that Ja has been blessed to have his father. His dad’s presence at his games and so supportive. His number 1 fan.