Looking Back – Moving Forward – 

June 5, 2020 – About a year after moving to the lakes area, Cooksey started using meth. Her friends introduced her to the drug. Through meth and those friends, Cooksey met her now-husband, Brian, who was also using.  “We were doing it together. I was so head over heels for my husband, we were best friends, and it just got to be an everyday thing,” she said. “I always went to work, I always did my job, our numbers were always up higher.”  But when she started doing drugs at work or leaving to go get high, and her bank accounts were continually overdrafting, she knew she couldn’t keep up the pace.  Looking back, she knows that there were mental and emotional changes too.“Everything is stressful, everything is so chaotic. I have so much drama in my life, but it’s never mine. I couldn’t smile. I was starting to be very awkward.  “I remember at one point, I looked at my dog and if I grabbed that pipe, my dog would start crying,” Cooksey said, tearing up as she remembered. “If I came down, I would scream at the top of my lungs to my dog.



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