Like Adam Meeting Eve –

May 21, 2020  – The 43-minute documentary film traces its origins back to a 2015 interview she conducted with Mary Seiberling Huhn, daughter of Henrietta Seiberling, on her recollections of growing up on the estate of the founding family of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and, in particular, the night a movement to help alcoholics was born.

Mary Huhn has since passed away, but she shared vivid recollections during the interview of the night that Bill W. and Dr. Bob visited the Gate Lodge where her family lived at the time, Anderson said.

The meeting arranged by her mother was supposed to be a short introduction, but Huhn recalls it went much later into the night. Huhn said even as a little girl, she sensed from her mother that something special had taken place inside their home that particular Mother’s Day.



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