Nov. 20, 2023 – County deputies said 31-year-old Stormie Jasmine Graves was found “cold to the touch, and rigid,” surrounded by “multiple pieces of tin foil.” Investigators noted, “one piece was on the entertainment center and appeared to have an unknown brown substance on it and the other piece was located on a chair that was nect [sic] to Ms. Graves body.”

Investigators said a friend tried to administer Narcan to Graves, but it was too late.

Deputies later questioned her father, George Graves, who allegedly told investigators he traveled to a motel in Bethany to purchase the fentanyl for $60 before heading back to Calumet.

“If you’re using substances, do not use them alone, especially whenever you expect fentanyl, because just a little bit can be deadly. You need someone there that can intervene and get you connected to first responders. And since we are seeing 80% of overdoses occur in the home, according to the CDC, we know that 40% of them had a bystander present,” said Campo.