He’s heard it all… – 

Spring 2020 – “I Am Michael Alago…” is a story of humble beginnings, realized potential, chaos, dysfunction, crisis, talent and redemption. The book discusses Michael’s battle with addiction, his HIV diagnosis, his legendary musical career and practically all other elements of his life, both professional and personal. In the late 1980s, he was diagnosed with HIV, which manifested into full-blown AIDS ten years later. He survived to continue his music career, but in 2005, he left music to pursue a career in photography. Throughout his career in music, he ran in similar circles with legendary visual artists like Robert Mapplethorpe and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Since Getting Clean and Sober

As influential and prolific as Alago has been in the recording and visual arts worlds, his real impact and inspiration may be as an enduring example of the power of recovery, and what can be accomplished in a sober life. Since finding his way to treatment and working the 12 Steps…



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