Oct. 22, 2022 – Faith realised she had to learn to smile again after being so used to keeping her mouth shut to hide her rotting teeth. Now she is rocking a new set of dentures and says her journey has made her a stronger person.

Faith, a social media influencer, said: “I had no salvageable teeth, so I decided to have them all pulled out and went toothless. Seeing myself with dentures for the first time was so shocking. I had to practise how to smile, as it had been so long.

“I didn’t know how to move my mouth around. Now I look back at my addiction self and I don’t recognise her. I’m a completely different person now.”

Faith realised she needed to get her life back on track after being addicted to meth for six years. “It wasn’t a normal life,” she said. “I hardly went outside and lived in hotels or even wondered the streets looking for a place to stay.”

But after going to rehab to get sober, Faith decided she wanted to do something about her teeth.


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