Nov. 26, 2022 – The most compelling piece in the exhibition is also where Lawrence says he never wants to find himself again.

“That’s ‘Pre Contemplation,’” Lawrence said. “That’s addiction right there — a nightmare.”

The piece is haunting and the eyes in the portrait exude pain.

At the other end is “Maintenance,” a work that shows a man confident and happy. Lawrence said he has known the man in that portrait for six years.

“I’ve never seen him high, drunk or anything,” Lawrence said.

That’s where he would like to see himself, but a relapse always seems to be around the corner depending on life circumstances.

“It’s been a struggle for 27 years,” he said.

Lawrence said his original idea for the “Maintenance” portrait was more complex than it turned out to be. Work and other struggles in life distracted him from putting the hours into the portraits that he intended, he said.

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