LISTEN – Shooting up…  –  

August 7, 2020 – He had gone well past the ability of blending in and he exits the car, pretends to be a hotel patron and fails at scoring a cup of free coffee. Dedicated in his mission, he knows exactly where to go for a free cup of coffee-AA. 

No money, no license, no income, a list of potential felonies and a bunch of debts to some dangerous people, it’s 2010 and Brandon was at rock bottom. His younger brother Ryan had already graduated college and landed his first adult job. The big moment had happened, Brandon told himself “do something different today, let’s try to stay sober for just one day.” 


By only worrying about each day singularly, Brandon was able to start making healthier choices, consuming healthier foods, started to regain his relationships and developed a strong respect for purity. What one puts in their body is very important and nothing would be allowed to jeopardize his progress. 

Once sober, Brandon turned the addictive habits into a passion for restored health. Upon his return to Ohio, a visit that was going to illustrate his progress to the ones he loves most turned out to be just that, but also a catalyst to his next achievement. Many of his friends were also badly addicted to drugs, he brought two of them back to California with him and together he helped them to turn things around, to achieve their own wellness. All hailing from Ohio, people began to call his home…