May 29, 2024 – I know these are our houseless neighbors. But these aren’t, as I always say, truck drivers that lost their job,” Eric said. “There’s something going on here, and it’s drugs.” “Demon at the Door”  was an intimate look at the heroin crisis, and it was personal for Eric. One of the addicts he interviewed was his niece, Lexi.

Then Eric heard from Scott Lindsay. Lindsay is now the deputy prosecuting attorney for King County. At the time, he was digging into prolific criminal offenders in Seattle and he found most of them had behavioral health issues and drug addiction. Lindsay wanted someone to tell the story.

Lindsay reached out to Eric explaining he didn’t just want an investigative journalist. He wanted a storyteller.

“(Eric) brought to the table, in my view, not just the storytelling – in which he is the best in the business – but also the moral force. He put down his full heart and called a spade a spade,” Lindsay said.