Working from home… –

July 10, 2020 – I’m getting along with my family. Things are great between my father and I. I’m happily in love. I’m moving — hauling ass and getting the f–k out of Los Angeles for Santa Fe — I’m in forward motion. I had a birthday a week ago. And it was a sober birthday; getting high on my own life. I’m doing a sober summer, and looking at everything I put into my body, whether it’s food or sugar. I’m trying everything I can, because, what I was doing wasn’t working … A crazy thing happened to our planet. Whether you look at it as an individual or as part of the global community, the same thing happened to all of us. I took this as an opportunity …  I want to choose my words carefully … even in my own life, everything f–d-up thing has happened for a reason. For the past 15 years, I never spent so much consecutive time at home, in one place. I mean, I love my dogs and have had them for 10 years, but, I’ve never spent this much time with them. I’m used to long-distance relationships, but this time, my boyfriend came into quarantine with me.



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