A Decade of One Day at a Time –

November 28, 2018 – Eliza Dushku just hit a major milestone in her sobriety and says she’s incredibly “grateful” to be at this point in her life. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum, 37, celebrated 10 years of sobriety on November 27 and marked the accomplishment with a heartfelt post on Instagram. Dushku shared a picture of the Roman number X on the social media site, along with the caption, “#grateful #sober #X yrs today. holy sh*t. #aa #twelvesteps #willingness a #sponsor #fellowship #service & asking for help #odaat saved my life. If you’re struggling w #alcohol &/or #drug #addiction, I promise, you don’t have to live that way anymore.” The actress then encouraged fans to seek help if they are also struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and provided resources to do so.

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