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From Excess to Sobriety Success

Alice Cooper Comeback Fueled  

By Sobriety

Alice Cooper says he would have made many more hit albums if he had stayed sober. The shock rocker says he made four unsuccessful albums when he was in the grip of alcohol addiction and only made another hit record – 1989’s Trash – when he quit drinking. As soon as I got sober all of a sudden things got okay again. It took me going into a hospital and getting sober before I made another hit album.”


Chicago Feeling the Pain of Painkillers

Chicago Sues Big Pharma for Deceptively Marketing Highly Addictive Prescription Painkillers 

Just weeks after two California counties filed suit against big pharma, the city of Chicago has followed their example. The city filed a lawsuit against five prescription narcotics companies, claiming that the companies, through deceptive promoting, contributed to the country’s prescription drug epidemic, according to Reuters. The companies under fire are: Purdue Pharma. Cephalon Inc., Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, Endo Health Solutions Inc., and Actavis.


Saints and Sinners

Children in Irish Homes Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ by Pharmaceutical Industry 

Hundreds of children born to unmarried mothers in Ireland may have been used as guinea pigs for the testing of new vaccinations, according to new revelations that added to pressure on the government in Dublin to launch a full-scale investigation into the country’s care homes. GlaxoSmithKline, makers of Paxil and Wellbutrin, took over the drug firm that ran the trials, Burroughs Wellcome, said there were no laws on medical testing in Ireland until 1987.


Commentary by Dr. Gabor Maté

Can Rob Ford Conquer His Pain and Become an Inspiration? 

Having incurred notoriety, the mayor of Toronto may become an inspiration to many if he is helped to salve the wounds that impelled him into compulsive substance use, if he finds the courage to accept his pain and not run from it, and the humility to acknowledge that behind the physical and political heft he has gathered there has been hiding a sensitive and vulnerable being, in need – as we all are – of compassion.


Media: Book Review

The Empty Room

Like James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” “The Empty Room” tracks an entire life that plays out in one day. It is the story of Colleen Kerrigan, an isolated, middle-aged woman with a serious drinking problem. Davis employs black humor to create cognitive dissonance. Colleen remembers getting sick-drunk for the first time at age 14, and sees herself sprawled on the bathroom floor. We see Colleen as a child, stranded between an absent but loving alcoholic father and a bitter, mentally ill mother.  


Journalist Interviews Thanatos for Story

Maureen Dowd on Sweet Pot Candy: ‘I became convinced that I had died’

In Maureen Dowd’s latest column for the New York Times, she describes her scary experience eating a pot candy bar while reporting on legalized marijuana in Colorado. She sat in a Denver hotel room experimenting with the legalized edible, “nibbling” on some of the chocolate-flavored bar. Sitting in my hotel room in Denver, I nibbled off the end and then, when nothing happened, nibbled some more. I figured if I was reporting on the social revolution rocking Colorado in January, the giddy culmination of pot Prohibition, 


It’s a Family Affair … and Funeral   VIDEO      

Son Dies, Mom Hospitalized in Heroin Overdose VIDEO

A 31-year-old man died and his mother was hospitalized after they overdosed on heroin, police said, days before their neighborhood was to launch an initiative to fight the heroin epidemic. His mother, Patricia Eversole, remained hospitalized, but details of her condition weren’t available. The overdose happened two days before Project DAWN – Death Avoidance by Naloxone – was scheduled to be launched.


All Paths Lead to Big Pharma  AUDIO   NPR    

For Addicts, There May Be Another Road To Wellness AUDIO 

For decades, inpatient rehab has been one of the go-to treatments for substance addiction. Nearly two million Americans seek treatment for addiction each year, but there’s a movement in the medical community to change how we perceive the condition – and how to treat it.


Who Would Know Better ? 

Robert Downey Jr. to Produce Rehab Drama for Showtime

“Orange is the New Black” and “Justified” writer Gary Lennon will write the currently untitled drama. It comes from Sony Pictures and Lennon, Downey Jr. and Susan Downey’s production Team Downey. It will follow a rehab community in Venice Beach in 1983. Lennon will exec produce, with Downey Jr., Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell for Team Downey and the company’s Chris Mammolito as co-exec producer.


Chicago Dope Time Magazine

Chicago Sues Big Pharma for Epidemic Addictions to Painkillers

The City of Chicago filed a lawsuit Monday against five pharmaceutical companies alleging that they deceptively marketed opioid painkillers like Percocet and OxyContin for chronic pain management, even though the companies knew the drugs were ineffective at treating chronic pain and carried a high risk of addiction.


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Fatty Arbuckle Missed His Calling

Celebs Who Are In The Booze Business

Now that Brad Pitt thinks of himself as a “farmer” who produces his own wine from his vineyard in France, he joins an impressive roster of celebs who also peddle their own booze brands. From musicians (Sammy Hagar) to athletes (Wayne Gretzky) to directors (James Cameron and Francis Ford Coppola) to actors (Jason Priestley) to comedians (Dan Aykroyd), here are just some of the stars who have gotten into the alcohol-slinging game. Please enjoy this gallery responsibly.


Obituary for a Musician

Gwar Frontman David Brockie Died Of Heroin Overdose 

Gwar frontman David Brockie’s death this March was caused by an accidental heroin overdose, the Virginia State Medical Examiner’s Office has announced. Arkuie Williams of the state’s medical examiner’s office confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday (June 3) that the 50-year-old died of “acute heroin toxicity and the manner of death is accident.” The singer was found dead in his Richmond, Virginia, home by his roommate on March 23.


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What Is Was Like and What’s It’s Like Now 

Rob Lowe Dishes on Sobriety and Old Party Buddies Sheen and Downey Jr.

He reveals of once-wild, now-sober “Iron Man” star Downey – with whom Lowe was a member of Hollywood’s so-called Brat Pack: “He was always in the dead center of – the scene. Now he commutes from a safe distance and does it in doses – we see each other a bunch but – we’re not the last ones to leave a party anymore.” On Sheen: “I love him, even though he hates sobriety. There’s no funnier, smarter, more enjoyable raconteur than Charlie – I admire him living the life of his choosing.”



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I Left My Heart Attack in San Francisco         

Tony Bennett’s Cocaine Confession 

But his real savior was the managerof controversial comic Lenny Bruce, who died at age 40 of an accidental morphine overdose in 1966.  “He told me he (Bruce) sinned against his talent with his drug habit,” says Bennett, now wed to 40-years-younger school teacher Susan Crow. “THAT sentence changed my life.


Today is  A.A.s 79th Anniversary  VIDEO of BILL W.

AA Celebrates 79 Years While Debate on
Effectiveness Celebrates 78 years        

Here’s Proof That Alcoholics Anonymous is Just as Effective as Professional Psychotherapies 

A physician named Robert Holbrook Smith had his last alcoholic drink 79 years ago this week. He and Bill Wilson, the friend with whom he had sobered up, thus anointed June 10 as the official founding date of the organization they created together: Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is the most commonly-sought source of help for problem drinking in the United States and many millions of people have participated in it and the other 12-step organizations it inspired around the world.


79th Anniversary of 12-Step Recovery

Thousands In Akron for A.A. Anniversary Event

At Founders Day, attendees will pay homage to the many high points in the A.A. story. Attendees will visit Dr. Bob’s grave at Mount Peace Cemetery; the Gate Lodge at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, where Irene Seiberling, daughter of the rubber mogul, introduced Wilson and Dr. Bob; and Summa’s St. Thomas Hospital, where Irish-born Sister Ignatia helped Dr. Bob to admit alcoholics.


Celebrity Sobriety

Keith Urban Opens Up About Time in Rehab

Urban would return to rehab eight years later, shortly after he and Nicole Kidman married. His return trip was thanks to an intervention staged by Kidman. It was in rehab that Urban learned he had won the CMA Award for Male Vocalist of the Year. “I said to my roommate, ‘Hey, I just won Male Vocalist of the Year,’ and he’s like, ‘That’s awesome,'” Urban recalled. “I just lay there in the dark going, ‘How weird is this?'”


Wake Up and Smell the Reefer   HuffPost

A Marijuana Coffee That Really Lets You ‘Wake And Bake’

Marijuana coffee is coming to the state of Washington, and the product is promising consumers a caffeinated buzz. The cold-brewed cannibis-infused coffee, called Legal, is expected to hit the market in early July, product developer Adam Stites told The Huffington Post on Monday. Stites also calls it “the wake and bake drink,” according to My Northwest.


Marijuana Laws Becoming Harder to Digest

We Sadly Need to Make Marijuana Edibles Maureen Dowd-Proof

This incident shows two things. First, it is a reminder of how relatively safe marijuana is. Even when you consume way more than you should, the worst that normally happens is an unpleasant evening in bed. By comparison, if you consume way too much alcohol you die. More importantly, it shows the world is full of idiots and idiots come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Even supposedly very smart New York Times columnists can be idiots. Almost anyone can be an idiot occasionally.


 Bet You’d Never Guess Who

8 Pro-Athletes with Outrageous Gambling Addictions

There are plenty of people who can enjoy an occasional night of gambling, but the hobby can turn into a full-blown addiction for some. It becomes a problem when the person has a psychological urge to gamble, despite knowing it will increase their financial strain or make them feel upset if they lose money.


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Ayahuasca Not?

How Psychedelics Saved My Life

I invite you to take a step back and clear your mind of decades of false propaganda.  Governments worldwide lied to us about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. The public has also been misled about psychedelics.


Slipped A Mickey Finn

Daddy Mice’s Drinking Affects Future Offspring

A new study from the  University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine finds that male mice that were chronically exposed to alcohol, before breeding, had male offspring that were less likely to consume alcohol, and were more sensitive to its effects. Previous studies indicate that alcoholism can run in families, particularly father to son, but  only a few human gene variants have been associated with Alcohol Use Disorder and they account for only a fraction of the risk of inheriting the problem, said investigator Gregg E. Homanics, Ph.D.


Feature Story – Tragic End for a Holy Millionaire

The Dark Drunken Downfall of the Painter of Light 

The Painter of Light was pissed off. Thomas Kinkade’s death shocked his legions of fans-not only had the Painter of Light died at 54, but the cause was alcohol and Valium. How did the evangelical darling fall so far?


Stick with the Winners… 


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Carl Hart Proved It Works  

New Addiction Treatment: Bribing Drug Addicts?

If the program works and helps to keep addicts clean, it could revolutionize the way addicts are treated for their disease. Similar research conducted in the U.S. by Columbia University professor Carl Hart indicates that such programs could be successful. Hart’s research involved recruiting crack and meth addicts and giving them choices during a hospital stay. The addicts were given the choice each day of either a hit of their drug of choice, or cash. The addicts overwhelmingly chose cash, proving that addicts are not necessarily enslaved by drugs, but are capable of making rational choices.


American Grafitti 21st Century        

Nearly One in Eight U.S. Children are Maltreated Before 18

By the time they reach age 18, about 12% of American children experience a confirmed case of maltreatment in the form of neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, according to a new study by researchers at Yale University. The numbers are even more sobering for black and Native American children, with one in five black children and one in seven Native American children experiencing maltreatment during the time period studied.


Chemical Romance Over     

RIP ‘Sasha’ Shulgin: “Godfather of Ecstasy” 

Alexander Shulgin, who passed away Monday at the age of 88, was many things to many people. He was not just a pharmacologist, author, and medical chemist. Best known for introducing MDMA to psychologists in the 1970s, and for synthesizing more than 200 psychedelic drugs, Shulgin was previously a chemist for Dow Chemical before he moved on in 1965 to pursue his own research. This led him to publish the apparently-evergreen books PiHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved) and TiHkal (Tryptamines I Have Known And Loved) with his wife, Ann.


Let’s Ask  Aldous Huxley   AUDIO

Antidepressant Drugs May Not Be Best Treatment   AUDIO 

For the past 25 years, people suffering from depression have been treated with antidepressant drugs like Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil – three of the world’s best-selling selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, orSSRIs. But people are questioning whether these drugs are appropriate treatment for depression, and if they could be causing harm.


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