And Higher DUI Scores –

March 12, 2020 – This study analyzed 3021 participants aged 72 years and older, who were free of dementia. Each participant underwent a comprehensive neuropsychological battery of 10 tests, during the study screening.

Between 2000 and 2008, the Modified Mini-Mental State Examination (3MSE) and the Clinical Dementia Rating scale were administered every 6 months through the end of follow-up, death, or dementia diagnosis, whichever occurred first. Relative to older adults, the researchers determined that, “the association of self-reported alcohol consumption with dementia risk appeared to cluster into 3 separate dimensions—baseline cognition, dose, and pattern.”

For those individuals without MCI (mild cognitive impairment) at baseline, “daily low-quantity drinking was associated with lower dementia risk than infrequent higher-quantity drinking.”

People that experienced MCI, who consumed more than 14.0 drinks per week, had the most severe cognitive decline, compared with consumers of less than 1.0 drink per week.


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