Feb. 8, 2024 – “Part of why I’m single now is because I had so much fun. Part of why I don’t miss drinking is because I did. I’m glad I had a nudist, exhibitionist, wildflower, wild-child, little wood nymph time,” she said. Barrymore continued,”I’m glad I partied. I’m glad I was wild with boys. I’m glad I was wild in every way, shape and form because it led to my contentedness with a quiet life now. And it was fun. I’m not apologetic. I’m not mad at myself about it.”

The actress added that her life is still a “work in progress” since she quit drinking in 2019. But she’s learning not to be so hard on herself.

“Whatever difficult times I’ve gone through professionally, I believed I could rewrite things. Then in my personal life, I was a failure and a broken person. I can’t f***ing believe I’m alive sometimes,” she admitted to Us Weekly.