Dec. 24, 2021 – “She believed the colour yellow made her look ​‘washed out’ due to being caucasian,” Dr Karen says. ​“She then reported back that the colour not only lifted her spirits, but her living patient’s spirits as well.”

So how exactly can dopamine dressing impact your mood? 

“The chemical dopamine is released within the brain, triggering the nervous system,” she explains. ​“Dopamine kicks in when we reward ourselves, perform self-care and achieve a goal. It can also evoke feelings of happiness, joy and supreme elation.” “According to my research, brighter colours can elicit positive emotions,” Dr Karen continues. ​“Yellow is the number one colour which represents happiness, joy and hope. I would add that this is based on individuality. One person may be drawn to a colour as a child. What was their happy colour as a child? This could also have been a favourite print or texture.”

Demi Colleen, 27, used to only dress in black and dark colours because she never wanted to stand out. But now the beauty blogger loves when she gets noticed and complimented on her colourful outfits. 

“I feel confident and actually enjoy the dressing up process even if I’m only popping into town,” she says. ​“I want us to wear clashing prints and colours, and just not to take it too seriously. My favourite colour to wear has to be yellow. I really enjoy walking around looking like Big Bird.”

As Colleen rightly points out, ​“it’s been nothing but doom and gloom as we approach our third year of this mess. So we need to find a bit of joy in anything we can. Having a colourful wardrobe and wearing whatever the hell you want is a great way to do that.”