Not Hard To Tell –

November 5, 2018 – “It starts slowly. You get aroused. And then you just watch and simultaneously you switch on your equipment. All your senses are stimulated, watching something so exciting. Your mind goes elsewhere. You know it’s not going to stop until you press the button. You know you’re in control of it, of every aspect of your pleasure, and it gives you orgasms you just can’t have with another human being – and certainly not a man.”The whole process of masturbating and coming will take you a maximum of five to 10 minutes but you pull back because you don’t want to exit this state you are in, which is basically like being intoxicated.” Using this technique, called “edging”, she was watching porn for two to three hours, seven days a week. Her behaviour was compulsive, she says. If she couldn’t watch porn, she craved it. She would also spend hours justifying it to herself, however detrimental it had become: “Everything is safe, you’re not going to catch an STD from watching porn, you don’t have to wear make-up. Everything on your terms and with guaranteed results.”

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