Oct. 21, 2022 – Zuloff-Shani, PhD: I think that the list is almost endless because I think that there’s no question about it. We are in a current crisis, a mental health crisis. I think that in the United States, it was also already announced—but also worldwide. COVID obviously did not help that. I would start with depression and PTSD, OCD, and many addictions.

I really want to focus on alcoholism because this is something that we develop at Clearmind. We develop a treatment for alcoholism. So not only that, but there’s also a huge unmet need (and not good and satisfactory treatments) for alcoholism. I don’t believe that many understand the magnitude of this problem. And I think that’s the elephant in the room have mental health challenges. As I said, without any effective treatment- and if you look at the numbers- the numbers are really striking. Alcohol consumption is an ongoing epidemic with more than 25,000 deaths a year just in the US. Worldwide it is much higher. It’s not an epidemic of North America. It is in Europe, western Europe, and in the Far East- there are 3 million deaths around the world.


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