Greed Knows No Age –

May 4. 2018 – An 80-year-old Manhattan doctor and his 82-year-old wife were convicted Friday of running a $77 million prescription “pill mill.” Dr. Rogelio Lucas and his wife of 55 years, Lydia, sat quietly together at the defense table as a jury found them guilty of 30 counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance. The doctor and his wife worked with several major drug rings to distribute some 23,600 prescriptions for a whopping 3 million tablets of oxycodone, according to prosecutors with the Special Narcotics office. During their years-long racket, the couple flooded the streets with approximately $77 million worth of the highly addictive painkiller. After the jury returned its verdict, Lydia, who worked as her husband’s office manager, patted the hand of her distressed-looking lawyer. The couple will remain free on $1 million bail pending their June sentencing. They face anywhere from zero to 15 years behind bars.

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