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What’s Next? Eradicate the Diseased in America Again
Duterte: On phone call Trump praised my drug war as ‘right way’  

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to “kill all” the country’s suspected drug users and dealers has many foreign critics, including the United States, the European Parliament and the International Criminal Court. It now has at least one high-profile supporter: President-elect Donald Trump, at least according to Duterte. In a statement Saturday, Duterte shared details of a seven-minute conversation that took place Friday. He said that during the call, Trump endorsed his campaign against drug users and dealers – a campaign that has left at least 4,500 Filipinos dead in about five months. Trump told Duterte that he was doing it the “right way,” according to Duterte’s account.

Touching Report
Porn addiction turns men into Hopeless lovers who can’t please… 

Young chaps’ solo screen time is eroding their virility and eating away at their ability to please a lady. Dr Andrew Smiler, a “masculinity expert”, claimed that up to one in ten young men are now suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by porn addiction. Smiler’s research is nothing to grin about, sketching a portrait of doomed young boys suffering the sort of penis problems normally associated with old men. “The guys I see, most of them are between 13 and 25,” … “The vast majority are, for the most part, the picture of physical health.” These boys spend so many hours in front of porn that they find it difficult to perform in real life. “In porn, sex always happens very easily, everybody has a great time and nobody ever refuses or says ‘i don’t want to do that’,” he added. “But in reality, people aren’t always in the mood.

Taylor Made AUDIO Listen Here
Duran Duran Duo’s ‘No Rewind,’ Penned by At-Risk Youth AUDIO

Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor have shared a new track titled “No Rewind,” which the duo created in collaboration with at-risk youth in the Road Recovery program … Over the course of nine months, the Duran Duran members and the young people involved in the New York-based program traded riffs, demos and ideas before finally recording “No Rewind” at New York City’s Threshold Recording Studio during a stop on Duran Duran’s Paper Gods tour. John Taylor said of the project in a statement, “Road Recovery offers a safe, drug and alcohol-free place for young people to learn and work, and with professional guidance, introduces them to all aspects of the music business – from songwriting and performance, to the delivery of their music to fans, either live or via recordings.

Time to Get Busy
Call to Action – Call Your Senators to Fund Addiction Services 

TOMORROW the U.S. House of Representatives could pass HR 32 The 21st Century Cures Act or CURES. This critically important legislation provides $1 billion over two years in grants to states for opioid abuse prevention and treatment activities, such as such as improving prescription drug monitoring programs, implementing prevention activities, training for health care providers and expanding access to opioid treatment programs. The bill also creates federal drug courts and programs for alternatives to incarceration for individuals with SUD. It also encourages integration of care for SUD with primary care. We need the U.S. Senate to pass the Cures Bill. Will you help? The Senate is expected to vote on the Act early the week of December 5th. Please call your two Senators today and ask them to vote for the Cures bill!

No Publicists Allowed
West L.A. Betty Ford Center focuses on privacy, convenience  

November 30, 2016 “The goal was to create an atmosphere set in a place where patients weren’t overstimulated and could process information,” Polacheck says, adding that the center’s two- way mural and other aesthetic details aid in the connection. “Patients see the same painting and photos that are in our other centers. We have the same trees from the Center City [Minnesota] addiction treatment center in the AA room.” With plans to possibly expand the outpatient behavioral health model to other markets for the Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation, Scholz says she hopes the design of this facility, with its attention to privacy details, can serve as a template other high-traffic centers.

It’s About Time
Task force proposes pilot study to help heroin addicts recover  

Amid the horror stories shared at the Palm Beach County Heroin Task Force on Friday, hope emerged. Six months after its first meeting, the task force unveiled specific programs and initiatives it hopes to put in place to address the heroin epidemic. The plan includes a pilot study to begin in January that will provide detox services, medications and guidance by a nurse or counselor for a month after an addict overdoses and is taken to an emergency room. “We have to address the physical and behavioral side in order for their to be success here,” said Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Capt. Houston Park, who organized the task force. “When they patient is discharged, we are going to follow them.”

Upward Dog
Yoga, mindful based relaxed programs successful in treating addiction  

Yoga plus Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention programs are being combined to treat people with alcohol and drug addictions at 12&12 Center for Addiction Treatment & Recovery. The programs, combined with other programs, will be the standard for those admitted for treatment starting in 2017 if funding is obtained, said Brad Collins, director of Community Relations/Research and Efficacy.


Sweet Talking
Full House Star Talks Addiction, Sobriety, Hope  

Jodie Sweetin: My hope is that in sharing my story it lessens a little bit of the shame and the stigma and I think some of the judgement that people have about those people that struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Actress, Jodie Sweetin,known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on the TV Series, Full House in the late ’80s and early ’90s, spoke to a nearly full house  at Northern Kentucky University about her 10-year struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. She says her story is one of hope.


Fate, Destiny, Choice, Free Will  AUDIO
Should doctors help alcoholics die? BBC AUDIO  

A man in the Netherlands felt he could no longer carry on living as an alcoholic and asked doctors to end his life. He was given a lethal injection at his parents’ home in July. Newshour’s Owen Bennett-Jones spoke to Stefanie Michelis, spokesperson for NVVE a pro-euthanasia lobby group and Dr Idris Baker, Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Association for Palliative Medicine in the UK.

Will Trump’s Dead Alcoholic Brother Haunt His Drug Policy?

“I learned a lot from my brother Fred’s death,” Trump told Esquire in a 2004 interview. “He was a great-looking guy. He had the best personality. He had everything. But he had a problem with alcohol and cigarettes. He knew he had the problem, and it’s a tough problem to have. He was ten years older than me, and he would always tell me not to drink or smoke. And to this day I’ve never had a cigarette. I’ve never had a glass of alcohol. I won’t even drink a cup of coffee … Donald Trump’s older brother, and his overbearing father’s namesake, “Freddy, Jr.,” was a full-blown alcoholic by his mid-20s (and Donald’s teens) and drank himself into an early grave at the age of 43 in 1981. Freddy wasn’t ready to take over the family business and instead became a fun-loving airline pilot, but his descent into the bottle had a traumatic-and lasting-impact on his little brother.

Opinion by Newt Gingrich & Patrick Kennedy
Congress Can Fight Opioid Addiction  

Before the new Congress is sworn in on Jan. 3, more than 2,500 people will die from an opioid overdose. More than half of these preventable deaths will be due to prescription opioids such as morphine or oxycodone. Nearly 40,000 others will visit the emergency room due to misusing prescription opioids. To meet this urgent need for intervention, Congress must vote to fund the provisions of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. CARA includes state grants to surge addiction treatment, while the insurance industry catches up with science and the law by eliminating pre-authorization requirements and other barriers to care, as Cigna recently did.

Whatever Works If You Work It
Using Ecstasy to treat PTSD: ‘I felt like my soul snapped back into place’  

“I was skeptical at first,” says Monnica Williams, a professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, who attended a training session this summer in Charleston, South Carolina, for therapists interested in working on the Phase 3 trial. “But seeing videotapes of all the patients who seemed to get so much better, I was converted.” … “When people call asking for PTSD treatment, half don’t show up to the first visit,” Williams says. “It’s hard to talk about. If we can find a way to make treatment less awful and more humane, I’m all for it.” MDMA-assisted therapy is neither easy nor fun, Appleton said. “The first session, you’re still terrified. The second session, I think I was still holding back,” she says. “The third session, I knew what to expect, and that was the big one.”

Who Wants to Get High Now Anyway?
Trump’s anti-pot attorney general choice rattles legal marijuana movement  VIDEO

Legal pot’s future is in a haze, thanks to President-elect Trump’s nomination of a staunchly anti-marijuana lawmaker for attorney general. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” said Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions in an April Senate hearing. That view from the nation’s incoming top cop, a sharply different tone than President Obama’s, has cast a pall over an industry that’s recently celebrated a watershed moment. Voters in eight states relaxed their marijuana laws on Nov. 8, raising to 29 the states that now permit medical use of marijuana, and eight with legal recreational laws on the books.

Minnesota Sundays
Energize, unite, and inspire at Hazelden’s Second Sunday Retreats

Revitalize your recovery with friends and others who share the journey. Join alumni and friends 18 years and older involved in a Twelve Step Program. Experience group discussions, speakers, relaxation, meditation, fellowship and lunch. Family and friends are welcome to join you for the retreat experience. Register online today! Cost is $15.

God Bless Them
Family of teen who overdosed seeks to open rehab  

“We’ll teach them how to run their own life,” he said, “help them them get a job, pick good meetings to attend, and how to build a support system around them. They estimate it will take about $400,000 to get the project up and running. “To keep costs low for people who are going to live there, we want to own the building,” Mercier said. “We’re still in the process of looking for a grant writer, and we talked to some other sober living homes to figure out exactly where we should go.


Is This the Solution?
Teen is fourth person facing murder charge in fentanyl laced heroin overdose death

A fourth person is facing a second degree murder charge in the overdose death of a woman in Hermitage. Najir Ellis, 19, is the latest person charged in the death of Nicole Aylward. Aylward died from a fentanyl/heroin overdose in a Central Pike apartment on April 2, 2015. Metro Police said just days earlier Awlyrad suffered a non-fatal overdose in the same apartment. Shannon Wise and Joseph Thomas, who lived in the apartment where Aylward overdoses, were both arrested that day and charged with second degree murder, among other charges. They’re accused of giving Aylward drugs.

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Brave Heart VIDEO
Demi Lovato talks living with bipolar disorder ahead of five-year sobriety VIDEO

Demi Lovato opened up about maintaining balance in her life with bipolar disorder just ahead of her five-year sobriety mark. The pop star has consistently used her celebrity platform to discuss mental health and her struggles with addiction, cutting, bulimia and anorexia ever since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011. The “Confidence” singer, who will celebrate five years of sobriety in March, admitted there will always be challenging days and offered some insight into how she copes. “Every day is a work in progress so hopefully I make it to 2017 with my sobriety,”…

Protection With a Price
Drug-Addicted Parents: The Reason Authorities Are Taking More Children Into Custody  

The significance of parents in a child’s life is incomparable. But when parents are drug addicts, children are ruined or left broken inside. According to NBC 2, infants were recently found dead in Southwest Florida. Collier County deputies found the premises messy with signs of drugs. Due to such events, authorities are intervening and shifting children under child care services. Florida officials reveal that in the past couple of years the number of children in foster care has raised about 24 percent.

You Mean There is No Santa?
Alcoholism ‘cure’ might not work

A drug touted as a miracle cure for alcoholism and prescribed for this purpose in France, may work no better than counselling, Dutch researchers said Wednesday. Without proof of its efficacy, prescribing high doses of the drug known as baclofen may be irresponsible, they warned. “Prescribing baclofen widely as it currently happens in France might be premature and should be reconsidered,” a Dutch research team wrote in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology. French health authorities approved use of the drug, originally designed and widely used to treat muscle spasms, two years ago for the treatment of alcoholism.


Color Blind
The “War on Drugs” is rigged: Now that the face of addiction is white, will anything change?  

The “War on Drugs” is bullshit; it’s just another way for the top 1 percent to benefit off the pain that accompanies poverty. A bullet wound, a life sentence or an overdose for us is a paycheck for them. But alas, there’s hope­­: The new wave of white-suburban Rice-Krispies-treat-after-school soccer-program drug addicts may bring the change we all need. I teach an English class at the University of Baltimore. We cover a range of topics dealing with culture and the way it’s documented. Somehow drugs came up in class. “There’s an awful heroin epidemic sweeping across our country,” a small white woman wearing big frames said, bursting into tears. “Our kids are quickly becoming addicted and dying!” She removed her glasses to wipe her face, before saying how she never thought her suburb would mirror a drug-infested city.

Sex Addiction? – Originally Aired 9/1/2016
More Victims Come Forward in Doctor’s Painkiller Sex Scandal  VIDEO  

At least a dozen new people have come forward to federal authorities over the past 24 hours alleging they were victims of a San Diego doctor accused of prescribing painkillers to patients in exchange for sex.
Amy Roderick with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) told NBC 7 on Thursday that federal agents had been contacted by at least a dozen possible victims since news broke Wednesday of the arrest of El Cajon-based Dr. Naga Raja Thota, M.D., 62.

Poor People
Effort to Drug Test Welfare Recipients Catches 0 Bad Actors  

Once again, a state’s suspicion that poor people are addicts is unconfirmed. For a year, Michigan tried to find out how many of its welfare recipients were abusing drugs. A pilot program’s tally? Zero. Only one person in the study of 443 recipients met the criteria to be subjected to a “suspicion-based” drug test but then was removed from the program for “unrelated reasons,” according to a report by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Howard Josepher receives NY State Grassroots Award

Los Angeles Skirball Cultural Center – 2017
 – 2017

8th Annual Experience, Strength & Hope Awards – Feb. 23 in LA 

Broadcast giant and Recovery advocate PAT O’BRIEN is set to receive the Experience, Strength and Hope Award presented on Thursday, February 23, 2017, Guest host, Ed Begley, Jr.,
Guest Singer, Sherri Lewis,
Spoken word performance.
Actress Joanna Cassidy will be Thanking our VIP Sponsors from the stage.

SPECIAL COMEDY performance, from South Florida to you, SARGE (He’s half Jewish and half Black. What could possibly go wrong?)
Previous Honorees: Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Lou Gossett, Jr., Buzz Aldrin, Duran Duran’s John Taylor, Carrie White, Joe Pantoliano, Mackenzie Phillips
Previous Participants: Danny Trejo, Tony Denison, Robert Downey, Jr., Ione Skye, Bobcat Goldthwait, Joanna Cassidy, Alonzo Bodden, Mark Lundholm, Dan Fante, Bob Forrest, Sharon Lawrence, Barry Diamond, Jack McGee
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Redemption Song
Former drug dealer reveals shocking extent of Keith Urban’s addiction

Keith Urban smoked crack cocaine in his drug dealer’s bathroom during the height of his addiction, Woman’s Day has reported. From 1994 to 2001, former dealer David Dobson supplied drugs to the country music singer. In an interview with the publication on Monday, David has claimed Keith was so addicted to crack he would do things the drug dealer was “totally against”…in 2006, Keith was in rehab after suffering a relapse. Last week, Nicole opened up about her husband’s struggles with addiction, saying it was ultimately up to Keith to save himself. “At some point, you just have to say, ‘I love you and I’m here when you decide to do the work. If you don’t, then that’s it’,” the 49-year-old told People magazine.

The Big Meeting in The Sky
Hank Goes to Heaven

Thirty-nine years ago, Hank Boileau quit drinking.
Thursday, more than 400 people gathered at the Heritage Church in Baxter to remember the man who dedicated four decades of his life guiding others toward sobriety … Less than a week before Hank, 73, died as a result of a type of cancer affecting his bone marrow, two dozen of those people congregated in the Boileau home to present him with a medallion marking his 39th sobriety anniversary. A tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous, the ceremonies typically take place during recovery meetings, although Hank’s health precluded him from continuing his participation. Those in attendance ranged from people sober for days numbering in the single digits to those counting decades abstaining from alcohol.

It’s a Family Affair
Madonna Saved Her Alcoholic Brother Martin Ciccone

Madonna’s Rebel Heart might just have a soft spot after all! has exclusively learned that the 58-year-old singer has finally stepped in to try and save her troubled alcoholic brother, Martin Ciccone, who was caught drinking beer at 10am at a halfway house in Los Angeles last month … According to a Ciccone family insider, “After Madonna learned that Martin was back at the bottle, she finally reached out to him to try and help.” “Martin told his sister that he is trying to get sober and she said that she would support him if he agreed to enter treatment again,” said source. “She even told him that she would even be willing to pay for it.”

Medical Mushrooms
Hallucinogenic drugs could soon work like a ‘surgical intervention’ for mental illness

The results from both trials were encouraging enough that the scientists involved hope they’ll be able to get consent from the Food and Drug Administration to move forward to a large-scale Phase 3 study, the third and final set of human trials that is needed before the FDA considers approving a new drug. “This is a potential pathway to clinical approval,” said Roland Griffiths, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at JHU School of Medicine, who led the JHU study and is one of the pioneers in the modern era of psychedelic research. “But that [approval] requires the next step of going to the FDA and getting permission to move forward.”

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