July 2, 2024 – On July 1, the Canadian actor, 57, shared a photo of a countdown board on Instagram alongside a card that read, “You are literally the most amazing person. A special thanks to @_harmonyplace J,D and H for saving my life. If you’re struggling with addiction, just surrender and ask for help,” he added, referencing his drug and alcohol addiction treatment center

“We’re here waiting for you, to love you, until you love yourself. A beautiful life awaits you. Just reach out your hand. #recovery #change,” McDermott concluded.

Last week, the TV personality shared a message on Instagram about addiction not being “about alcohol and drugs,” and instead being about “the absence of self.”

“The absence is described as a hole in your soul. You can’t love others when you’re empty inside,” the quote posted by McDermott read. “Recovery peels back the painful layers and heals that hole through connection, honesty and hard work. To love one self is the beginning of a lifetime recovery.”

He wrote alongside the quote, “This was a game changer in my recovery. I didn’t give self love the time of day. I thought it was granola spiritual BS. I thought I was a piece of SH@T and would always be one. Was I ever wrong.”