Dec. 8, 2022 – The actor-author was humbled by the recognition for his New York Times best-seller, but what really makes Trejo happy is when readers come up to him and say the book resonated with them or made them feel seen.”I was really glad I wrote it. I was really proud that [co-writer] Donal [Logue] and I put it together,” Trejo said. “People were telling me to write a book for years and I would have people help me write it, but I don’t use words like ‘prolific.’ It’s ‘a bunch,’ so I could never get it.” Trejo and Gotham actor Logue have known each other since 1991, and a few years ago, Logue started to write down some of their conversations. When Trejo read them, he recalled telling the other actor, “Wow! That sounds exactly like me,” and Logue replied, “Danny, let’s write a https://tinyurl.com/35fut2zx.”