May 9, 2023 – Well, he’s returned with a new episode of The Danny Brown Show in which he addresses going to treatment head-on. He called the experience “humbling” while saying it gave him a newfound appreciation for his work, especially compared to some of those who were also in the program with him.

“Being in treatment … one thing it did do: It humbled the f*ck out of me,” he said. “It made me real f**kin’ umm … Just showed a lot of gratitude. I got a cool-ass life, man. Hearin’ other motherf**kers stories … ‘Cause a lot of these motherf**kers that’s in there, they had drinking problems, drug problems, they gotta go back to work … I have one of the best jobs in the f**king world. I was taking a lot of sh*t for granted.”