Feb. 10, 2024 – Barry Bannon, who almost “lost himself and his family due to addiction” is pounding the tarmac for 100 consecutive days in his third year of giving back to the charity that not only changed his life, but that of his family.

Recovering alcoholic, Barry Bannon, began this year’s challenge on January 26 and will be completing a 10k run every day from now until May 4, alongside his supportive wife, Rachael, who will be completing 100 5k walks.

Thanks to the unwavering support of Newry-based aftercare addiction centre, Davina’s Ark, the father-of-two received the counselling and guidance he needed to enter into recovery. However, Barry insists that Davina’s Ark isn’t “just a charity for those in addiction. It helps the whole family.” Barry is candid about his struggles.