Nov. 18, 2023 – This can look like losing the ability to function and cope with everyday activities, the Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division noted.

Other symptoms include exhaustion, overeating, anxiety, drinking, forgetfulness, or an unwillingness to leave home or their bed.

“To combat this, Aura strives to provide free support and make it easily accessible to everyone,” Ravichandran explained.

Aura, which was founded in 2014, has launched even more support services last month.

This includes a new online safety resource center that provides visitors with step-by-step instructions to help resolve instances of online crime, an AI-enabled chatbot, and free appointments with the comapny’s White Glove Resolution Team.

“Simply put, the chances [of being targeted] are high for us all, from adults to kids to corporations,” Ravichandran, Founder and CEO of Aura.

“Scammers are opportunists, they do not discriminate in who they target,” he added. 

According to research by Aura, the odds of falling victim to online crime in America are 1 in 4. 

It even can impact children, as nearly 1 million kids were the victims of identity fraud in 2022, Ravichandran said.