Clean Music –

FEATURE – Country music is a hard-drinking genre. It would be almost impossible to list every last one of the songs dedicated to beer, whiskey or tequila, or to the joys and regrets that come from an all-night bender at the bar.

But within the alcohol-heavy world of country music, there’s an unexpected twist: Some of its biggest stars—yes, even the ones who sing drinking songs—are sober…

Tim McGraw

McGraw has been sober since 2008, when his wife, Faith Hill, told him that alcohol was taking over his life. Before that, he always had a buzz going before shows. Brad Paisley Here’s a surprise: The man behind the hit song “Alcohol” doesn’t drink, or smoke for that matter.  Keith Urban. Urban has been sober for more than 13 years, and his only regret so far is that he didn’t do it sooner. AND MORE…


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