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November 10, 2019  – Lamm described as arguably the greatest challenge in working with the chemsex patient (often but not always a gay male) the establishment of a healthy “sexual recovery plan.” The dominant thinking for patients becomes, “How can they possibly self-regulate without the drug and the sex in their life?”, he said.

That is particularly challenging because both meth and sex are so readily available, at any time and any place. “It is present for all of us,” Lamm said—potentially minutes away. A sexual recovery plan will involve components such as avoiding fantasy life and refraining from viewing the prevalent chemsex videos available over the Internet, Lamm said.

Recovery also can be complicated by the observations of others about the seriousness of the individual’s problem. “Sometimes I hear, ‘He does his best work on meth,’” Lamm said. The user may look haggard and have engaged in odd behaviors, but otherwise is seen to have met all of his goals at work. That essentially was part of Lamm’s profile until he collapsed on live TV in the early 2000s when working as a broadcaster, he said.

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