Feb. 27, 2021 – Thousands showed their support. Some talked about their own battles. Some talked about how Therien was a role model.

“Very proud of you,” said ex-Flyers star Reggie Leach, who overcame alcohol addiction 36 years ago and, along with his son, Jamie, teaches hockey and life skills to youngsters all over North America. “It’s a great feeling when you help others.”

After posting his messages, Therien received dozens of phone calls.

“I had two former NHL teammates call me crying that day,” Therien said. “Crying because they’re still in addiction right now.”

One former teammate remembered Therien’s NHL days and how he acted off the ice, how his beverages of choice were beer, red wine, and vodka.

“You were a wild man,” the ex-teammate said. “You were a great teammate, but, boy, you partied and it’s amazing you got 10 years of sobriety.” Said Therien, who lives in Marlton with his wife, Diana, and has three daughters and a son, ages 14 to 22: “I’ll be honest with you, if I didn’t get those 10 years, I’d have lost everything. My kids. My family. The opportunity to do the hockey [broadcasting] job I did for 14 years after hockey.”



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