Jan. 31, 2024 – The ‘sober curious’ movement has gained momentum, particularly among younger generations. It’s driven by a growing awareness of alcohol’s effects on health and well-being. Celebrities, often at the forefront of cultural trends … Supermodel Bella Hadid co-founded Kin Euphorics with Jen Batchelor with a focus on energy-transforming ingredients. The brand offers a range of non-alcoholic, adaptogen-infused beverages aimed at wellness-conscious consumers. Kin Euphorics emphasises holistic health and social enjoyment without alcohol.

Blake Lively, Founder, Betty Buzz:

Actress Blake Lively has launched Betty Buzz, a line of non-alcoholic, mixable sparkling beverages. Lively’s is actively engaged in the development of flavour, emphasising quality and taste of the brand committed to developing products with high-quality ingredients and that are vegan kosher friendly .

These and other celebrities including Rosario Dawson (Cann) and Katy Perry (De Soi) are not just lending their names but claim involvement in product development and branding, implying a commitment to the sober curious ideology.