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May 27, 2018 – Recreational marijuana is still against the law in 41 states. But a number of celebrities with their own brands to sell are seeing green all the same. Our Cover Story is reported by Ben Tracy: Hollywood has long been addicted to a good marijuana joke. And now that pot is legal for recreational use in nine states (with more on the horizon), some celebrities are laughing all the way to the bank … It’s a natural fit given he gladly let his career go “up in smoke.” He and his partner Cheech Marin practically invented the stoner comedy. Tracy asked, “How much of what you have in this life is due to [marijuana]?” … “Everything!” Chong replied. “All the movies, all the records, my nice house in the Palisades. My Tesla. You look at me, I’m a high school dropout. But marijuana, really, it’s been responsible for everything.” Including a nine-month stint in prison in 2003 for selling glass bongs on the internet. But now he’s legit – selling a line of organically-grown cannabis called Chong’s Choice. And as the face of the brand, well, he has to make sure it’s good…

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