May 4, 2023 – When I decided to quit drinking alcohol because it was spiraling my life out of control, weed was never something I had questioned to quit as well,” Katie shared, “Alcohol would make me black out and turn me into a totally different person. I tend to pray and meditate after weed which helps my mental relationship with my higher power.” Chad, another member of the program who has asked that we not use his real name, has been sober for 14 years and doesn’t take issue with people attending meetings while still consuming cannabis.

“I feel there’s somewhat of a stigma for people in the program to say that people that are Cali sober are not sober at all, plus it may offend people that are in the program that had problems with marijuana too,” he said.

“Some folks have reported, before Cali sober seemed to even be a term, that people smoking pot in the program are on the “marijuana maintenance program” and aren’t really sober,” Chad continued. “If you’re trying not to drink and work a 12-step program to be less of an a**hole, then that’s your business.”