April 28, 2022 –

MCCLURG: At the time, he was grappling with his sexuality in a conservative town in Virginia.

MCCOY: I wasn’t quite in the closet, but I wasn’t really open about the fact that I was gay.

MCCLURG: He spent the next decade high, homeless and near the brink. At 24, McCoy learned he was HIV positive. He was staying in a cheap hotel in San Francisco.

MCCOY: I weighed 110 pounds. I had psoriasis all over my body, injecting every day, couch-surfing when I could, trading sex for drugs or a place to sleep.

MCCLURG: When he didn’t have anywhere else to go, he’d get high inside the bathroom stall at a public library.

MCCOY: I think if I had a place to go to where I could safely use, where people could see that I needed medical assistance, I think it would have avoided a lot of trauma.