Feb. 8, 2024 – Her latest release, ‘Butterflies’, can be considered her most intimate and introspective work to date. Within the lyrics lies a subtle nod toward her struggles with mental health and an honest representation of her path to sobriety. At a time when feelings of isolation are rampant, this track resonates deeply with the widespread yearning for genuine connections.

Sumi X, an artist based in Los Angeles, is dedicated to crafting pop music for like-minded dreamers who embrace boundless possibilities and seek to live authentically. Following her successful departure from a tech venture she established in college, Sumi resolved to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming a singer, songwriter, and performer. Relocating to LA in late 2021 marked a pivotal transition in her journey. In the spring of 2023, she unveiled her inaugural single ‘Electric Baby’, which garnered fervent acclaim. Drawing from a diverse array of influences – from Jon Coltrane to James Blake and from Pink to Pink Floyd – Sumi X aspires to redefine the landscape of American pop music in 2023 and the years ahead.