Dec. 14, 2023 – He still felt like there was something missing because I have this beautiful house, a beautiful family, everything anyone could ask for,’ Poyer revealed about his struggles. ‘I still felt a sense of unhappiness, a sense of not understanding who I was, and why I was the way I was. A part of me felt guilty just because I was living this way,’ he continued. Poyer’s drinking would include a ‘six-pack of IPAs in 20 to 30 minutes for a quick buzz,’ according to his wife, Rachel Bush. With the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, he eventually got sober, with his last drink coming March 13, 2020. 

Even without alcohol, Poyer felt an emptiness about all he had in life, which is where Rodgers and Ayahuasca enter the picture, as it kept popping up in Poyer’s life. 

The drug didn’t interest Poyer when he first heard about it at all, but that changed over time, especially after Rodgers credited it with helping him have two of the best years of his career. 

Poyer hoped the drug would have a similar effect for his professional and personal lives.