Mar. 24, 2022 – She may have been silenced by her conservatorship for 13 years, but Britney Spears is refusing to be silenced any longer. The singer is taking her newfound freedom to social media, commenting on everything from public events to previous rumours, and of course, is continuing to upload her signature outfit videos which her account is now synonymous with.  After news broke in February that Spears had signed a major book deal with publishing house Simon & Schuster, fans have been dying to hear more from Spears about her very secretive life over the past decade. And, while she’s likely saving the juiciest parts for her US$15 million book deal, the songstress is known for taking to Instagram to share her thoughts now and again, to the delight of everyone.  She starts off by explaining that she had made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss the possibility of undergoing breast surgery, likely for an enlargement as she notes that her breasts have reduced in size as a result of her weight loss. After being forced to wait for over 15 minutes, she makes the decision to leave, but her short time there has clearly had a lasting impact on her. 

Reflecting back on her childhood and the ways in which it fed her body image issues, Spears said, “My dad always told me I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun … it was humiliating.”


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