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May 24, 2018 – Brad Pitt is getting his life back together and his new girlfriend couldn’t be happier about it. The actor got sober following his nasty divorce with Angelia Jolie and his new romance, Neri Oxman, is fully supporting his road to recovery. Pitt turned his life around in the wake of his split from Jolie in 2016. The World War Z star celebrated his sobriety last year and opened up about his drinking problems in an interview with GQ. Pitt confessed that he boozed it up way too much when he was with Jolie and that getting sober was important for himself and his six children … When it comes to Oxman, inside sources told Radar Online that she would not be dating Pitt if he hadn’t gotten sober. Oxman, a professor at MIT, is big on living a healthy life and is not a fan of eating or drinking things that do harm to the body. Fortunately, Pitt has been sober for the better part of a year and Oxman plans on keeping it that way. “Brad is sober right now, and Neri would not date him if he was drinking or using,” the insider explained, adding that Oxman is “against drugs” and “has been a great influence on Brad.” So far, it sounds like Pitt’s romance with Oxman is going great and will continue to heat up this summer. Sources claim that Oxman, who is based in Boston, is planning on spending time with Pitt in Los Angeles in the near future. The couple has been pretty secretive about their romance, but it’s great to see that Pitt has found somebody that has a good influence on his sobriety.

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