Feb. 18, 2021 – “Body Brokers” opens in Ohio, where the unfortunately named Utah (Jack Kilmer, son of Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley) and his girlfriend Opal (Alice Englert) have robbed a convenience store to fund their latest fix. They both look to be about one day away from an arrest or an overdose — and that’s when a mysterious stranger named Wood (Michael Kenneth Williams) seemingly shows up out of nowhere and offers them a ticket to redemption, in the form of a trip to a posh rehab facility in sunny southern California.

Opal thinks the offer sounds too good to be true and refuses, but Utah gets on a plane to the clinic, where he detoxes and gets sober with the help of a therapist named Dr. White (the great Melissa Leo), a recovering junkie named May (Jessica Rothe from “Happy Death Day”) who works at the clinic and takes a special interest in Utah; and the charismatic, beloved, rock-star owner of the facility (and many others), and you can call him Vin, just Vin. The ubiquitous and always entertaining Frank Grillo, who has 11 movie and/or TV series on IMDB in 2020/2021, sinks his teeth into the role of Vin and serves as the narrator/explainer of the drug rehab money train — and although “Body Brokers” is fiction, the astonishing numbers are reflective of the real-world profits reaped by rehab owners after the Affordable Care Act of 2012 required insurance companies to pay for recovery treatment, no matter how costly.



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