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Dec 18, 2019 – Billie Eilish, the six-time Grammy-nominated artist, has just turned 18 yesterday and is speedily raising eyebrows and amassing fame. We take a look at her huge success as a breakthrough electropop/alternative artist so far and her latest video ‘Xanny’.

Her 18th birthday is just weeks after she made Grammy history as the youngest artist to receive nominations across all four major categories: Record, Song, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist. She achieved this remarkable victory all within the space of just a year.

Additionally, her album engineers got a nod in the best-engineered album category, including her brother and collaborator Finneas, who received three nominations, according to The Guardian.

Up until now, Eilish has been candid and realistic about the fact that she has been a minor and the personal challenges she’s faced in the music industry. Her art has taken on an ethereal form in itself, with a unique sense of electropop/gothic alternative intertwined between dark and warped themes … Eilish had us sinking in sadness and floating in charm with her 2006 single, ‘Ocean Eyes’. With the gentle percussive pops of the electropop drums and the waves of synth strings hitting us deep as we were immersed in the comfort of her relatable voice, you couldn’t help but think of waves of the ocean passing by as the song progressed. 

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