Nov. 23, 2023 – When I drank, it was epic. Humility aside – if there is such a thing about humbly telling drunk stories – I was the quintessential partier. I was that way all my life, from my “hit me like a goddamn bullet” days in high school, until I was 57, still letting the booze pulverize me with pellets. That was 40 years of playing with a loaded gun. I woke up in unusual places and ended up in scary situations. I’ve passed out in front of a library, on a tennis court, in several hallways, sprawled flat on a parking lot with a McDonalds cheeseburger stuck to my face. I woke up in my car and ended up in more strangers’ beds than I could ever count. My phone disappeared three times in six months. It was also stolen from me. I lost my wallet twice. I can’t even count the number of times my credit card was left at a bar.